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Not me, I'm just a dumb asshole that has a stubbornness about him & to try and do what he thinks is right, however, sometimes right is wrong and wrong is right as that race you aforementioned continues now isn't it?
You cut yourself short sir. You are not a dumb asshole. I have met you.. I cannot accept that claim especially the "dumb" label.

And... all of us from time to time act in a way that the label "asshole" may be appropriate. We all have our days when our "human" frailties cause us to muck things badly.

As to right being wrong and wrong being right... I think I get what you are saying.. that while we may take an action that later proves to not be the intended action, our motive for taking said action is often to support the idea of increasing the common good. What is it they say about the best of intentions?