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Thread: 2017 Jetta compatibility and vin question

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    2017 Jetta compatibility and vin question

    I'm thinking of purchasing this in a few months. My questions are;

    Is this device compatible with my 2017 jetta? And if I buy the 3 vin version I know I can go to 10 vin, but can I then purchase another upgrade to unlimited?

    I would go for the ten but I plan to use this for mine and my wife's car, maybe my dad's (that's three) and then over the years we might get new cars. I'd rather pay the 200-250 now for the 3 vin and then go for the 200 upgrade months or years down the line, and then the third one later if that's possible.

    I have an obdeleven shipping to me soon but I was the freedom to also use my laptop for more in-depth diag if need be.

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    Yes, definitely compatible with a 2017 Jetta. One of the RT staff members (Santos) has one.

    Yes, you can buy a 3-VIN now and upgrade to 10-VINs at a later date. The cost is $169.

    Yes, if needed, you can also upgrade again from 10-VINs to unlimited. Again, the cost is $169.

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