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What I would buy for a do-it-all .22 pistol is a Ruger SR22. Not too big to conceal, not too small to aim accurately, and very reliable.
Hrm... interwebs say it's chambered for .22LR which would certainly be handy if I wanted a rifle later. I'll put it on the short list.

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Where's "Back home"? The laws do indeed vary by state and if you wish to be a "law abiding citizen", you have to check the laws of every state you'll pass through. www.handgunlaw.us is a good place to start. Personally, I only claim to be a "peaceable citizen", not a law-abiding one.
Back home is St. Louis. In addition to Missouri, we pass through Illinois and one of Indiana or Kentucky depending on my mood and the weather. If I recall correctly, even without a permit I should be mostly okay if it's unloaded and secured in the trunk. Then I read that individual cities like Chicago (not that we'd pass through) have their own rules and I quit reading before my blood pressure spiked any further. I don't know how people who actually carry keep track of this stuff.