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Thread: Latest VCDS and Hex-Net problem

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    Latest VCDS and Hex-Net problem

    So trying to view my injector measurements on '13 Q5 2.0T and no matter what I choose, I cannot run output tests.
    System is using UDS mode so Measurement Blocks is greyed out. Going into output tests to see which injector may be bad, I get "Refused by Control Module" 7F 2F 81
    Not sure if its a problem with my vehicle, but all the videos I've seen shows a CAN protocol, but my car seems to default to UDS...
    Thanks! and feel free to delete if not in the right area

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    The protocol a control module uses is what it is; it's not selectable by VCDS.

    Engines can be very fidgety with output tests. Start the engine, let it run for a minute, shut it down, turn on the ignition (but do not start the engine!) and then try output tests again.

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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