I have a Passat B6 MY2006 and i tried replacing the EPB module 3C0 907 801 B (Gen2) with 3C8 907 801 A (Gen3) module but some weird errors appeard on the EPB module preventing me to recode or to properly adapt the module.
I don't now if the module is either defective (it is salvaged from a passat CC) or it is not compatible with my ABS module/pump. I'm leaning towards defective because of the errors on the module.
If you guys could help me with some advice it will be very helpful.
I am posting a full scan with VCDS with the 03 ABS module partially coded.
I could not adapt the G251 lateral acceleration sensor from 03 Parking Brake module because it is not listed in the Basic Settings menu from VCDS.

Thank you!

Removed.  Data from a clone/pirate copy of VCDS is not welcome here.