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Thread: Audi A6 Allroad 2010 Flash To Pass lights on with Xenon high beam

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    Looks like there is no coding option to address this problem, but the solution exists:

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    Nah, have my own solution now.
    Extender chord between OEM headlight cable and headlight, cut cable for Xenon curtain function, and this circuit/current/voltage is feed via a small low control signal effect relay (control signal plus selectable 2 In and 1 Out) and then into headlight. The controlled circuit in relay has: Control circuit 2 pins, and the controlled circuit 3pins has #1 in is from OEM Flash to pass circuit, #2 in is new wire from spare fuse in engine compartment fusebox and the #1 Out is connected to the "Flash to pass" wiring to headlamp. This way the auto dimming function takes care of "both High beams in either headlamps"


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