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    Cool Intro

    Hi everyone, well i already use vcds since 2014 but i never thought this forum existed, and i feel i don't know much. i'll help in everything i can but i read some post and i've being thinking you guys do some stuff i've never ever done

    My name is ryck, now i'm 27 and i'm still learning, hope we get along. Right now i'm runing a car shop and there was a customer who has a 2014 Golf 1.4T twincharger, his car has a normal steering wheel (without buttons - no cruise control) and he asked me if i can adapt a golf gti steering wheel-> -> is it possible with the vcds?

    ¿should i post the autoscan here so you can advise me what to do or if it is impossible to adapt/program?


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    Yes, you should definitely post an Auto-Scan so people can see how the car is equipped and configured.

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