I have an Eos that needs a replacement keyfob shell. I prefer the look of my Mk7/ key so I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about making one work for my Eos. I have a NAR 2007 Eos 3.2 which from my understanding is a 315MHz 3 button remote(plus panic on the side). The only 3 button Mk7 Golf/Skoda key I can find is a 433/4MHz unit. (the golf keys are all plastic and lack the heavy metal end cap the GTI/GTD/R have) Is it possible to swap the internals of the remotes out, or are the boards entirely different? Even better is there a Mk7 key that can be programmed to work in my application. I don't want to use one of the cheap Chinese knock of cases/keys as they always end up failing/breaking too quickly!

Link to 433MHz remote part number 5G0959753 (BA?) http://www.kapdiagnostics.com/index....-golf-key.html

I have a feeling I'll be going down this route rather than be lucky enough to find a 315MHz key in the Mk7 style that fits my application.