Thanks for the opportunity to post my problem. I'm an old guy that understands point and condensers so please be patient with me.

Performed output test of components (air pump and valve that directs air to exhaust) for SAI successfully. This is a 1- bank system. Measuring block 030 reporting 00011 for bank 1 sensor 1 never to change. O2 sensor replaced but same results. Now at a total loss. The connectors are different so cannot swap with rear O2 sensor. Wiring would always be a possibility but hate to go there if I don't have to. Tried to display O2 sensor voltage but cannot find measuring block for voltage from each O2 sensor. Any input would be welcomed. How does ecu verify SAI is functional? Would make sense O2 sensor required. On another note, if O2 sensor defective, why is fault not reported?