Today I replaced the original Varta AGM battery in my 2014 Audi Q5 with a new larger JCI/Varta AGM battery. (JCI makes the Varta batteries in the US, presumably the spec is very close.) Except, I have no idea what battery coding to use for the new battery, since that only is placed on a Varta labelled product and mine isn't Varta labelled.

Actual spec for this new battery is:
Size H8
95Ah (versus the 70 or 75 the old one was)
1000 Charging Amp,
160 Amp reserve
and the only thing similar I've found yet is a Landrover Varta AGM
"0092S5A130, 595901085D852" "MPN 595901085D852"
Does that look like there's a valid BEM in there? Or a better way to get the correct one?

Suffering from TMI after finding all the rich charging data in VCDS, which I'm new at. But there's got to be a way to get those numbers, surely. Someone has them, maybe?