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Thread: Missing coding information 2017 Tiguan AD1

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    Could be. There are also other options enbaled in a lot of other control modules regarding just 'perzonalization', which to me seems to basically be the possibility to change settings by the user, which is what you want. But ill update when ive looked at the long coding again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBAx View Post
    Okay, I found a scan of mine at work (don't ask why) and It appears that my car has vaguely different coding. I could find following changes, that are not explained by changes MasterTommy made:

    Byte 08 > Bit 7 (me: disabled)
    Byte 09 > Bit 1 (me: enabled) and Bit 2 (me: disabled)
    Byte 10 > Bit 0 (me: disabled)
    Byte 12 > Bit 0 (me: disabled)
    Byte 13 > Bit 0 (me: disabled)
    Byte 23 > Bit 5 (me: disabled)

    I also found that my module is version 0020, whereas MasterTommy's is 0021, part number is identical on the other hand.
    Byte 08 bit 7: location_lordosis_button, active (probably lumbar support button)

    Byte 09 bit 1-2 (drop-down menu):
    - 02 func_key_memory_personalization, personalization active.
    This is your problem probably.
    Other possible options for this bit:

    - 00 func_key_memory_personalization, radio-controlled key memory and personalization not active
    - 04 func_key_memory_personalization, radio-controlled key memory active
    - 06 func_key_memory_personalization, radio-controlled key memory and personalization not active (looks the same as option 00)

    Byte 10 bit 0 (drop-down menu): 01 SLV_positioning, hall_with_hall_errortest (something about one of the adjustment motors)

    Byte 12 bit 0 (drop-down menu): 01 SHV_positioning, hall_with_hall_errortest

    Byte 13 bit 0 (drop-down menu): 01 SNV_positioning, hall_with_hall_errortest

    Byte 23 bit 5: memory_keyboard, 0=VW_resistance_coding / 1=Audi_resistance_coding

    I'd try changing byte 9 to what i have.

    If that doesnt work, unit 09 also has some general personalization options under adaptation (security code 31347):

    ENG98831-ENG126849-Personalization-Aktivierungsoption_im_HMI-Menue_sichtbar,active ,16
    ENG98831-ENG133401-Personalization-Anzahl_Benutzerkonten,4 ,16
    ENG98831-ENG133402-Personalization-Automatische_ Schluesselzuordnung,not active ,16
    ENG98831-ENG126850-Personalization-Benutzerkontenverwaltung_in_HMI-Menue_sichtbar,active ,16
    ENG98831-ENG126848-Personalization-Personalisierung_aktiv,active ,16 (i'd start with this one)
    ENG98831-ENG141994-Personalization-Personalisierung_Profilfunkion,profiles_active ,16
    ENG98831-ENG126851-Personalization-Personalisierungsfunktionen_in_HMI-Menue_sichtbar,active ,16 (and this one)
    ENG98831-ENG142030-Personalization-Profil_Variante,Konto (v. 1.x) ,16
    ENG98831-ENG133404-Personalization-PSO_FSG_Setup2_Bit_1,active ,16
    ENG98831-ENG133405-Personalization-PSO_FSG_Setup2_Bit_2,active ,16
    ENG98831-ENG133406-Personalization-PSO_FSG_Setup2_Bit_3,active ,16
    ENG98831-ENG133407-Personalization-PSO_FSG_Setup2_Bit_4,not active ,16
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    Updating this rather old thread with the current status. Personalization is up and running. I set PSO_FSG_Setup2 Bits 0 to 7 to active, as I found it that way in another car with nearly identical configuration.

    However no change in the module 36 coding allowed to enable the Easy Entry menu option in the HMI. In fact setting its Byte 09 Bit 1-2 to anything besides $04 (optionally store settings by key) removes the „seats“ menu entry from it. As a result I‘m tempted to update module 36 to SW0022 (currently 0020).

    Does anybody have another idea?

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