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Thread: Current Versions

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    Current Versions

    HEX-NET interface & VCDS-Mobile:
    CodeBlock: V0.4513
    FW: 0.256
    CFB: 0.10
    BL: 0.28
    Dataset: DS 60000055

    You can see these versions on the About page of VCDS-Mobile.

    Preferred: Use the native Windows utility for updating, configuring, or registering the HEX-NET. It is included with VCDS and accessible from the Options screen (see this thread).

    Alternative 1: Make sure your HEX-NET is connected to a network in Infrastructure mode and can access the internet.
    Click [Options] -> [Check for updates].

    Alternative 2: connect your HEX-NET to a computer and use the Java configuration utility:
    Windows/Linux: HexNetConfigV2.014.jar
    Mac OS: HexNetConfigV2.014

    Note for people who bought their HEX-NETs way back when and haven't updated them in just about forever: The new config utilities linked above are only compatible with CodeBlock 0.42xx and higher. You can only get from a CodeBlock below 0.42xx to something current with VCDS-Mobile per this thread. If you need to configure a HEX-NET that does not yet have CodeBlock 0.42xx, please use the older version of HexNetConfig here:
    Windows/Linux: HexNetConfigV1.963.jar
    Mac OS: HexNetConfigV1.963

    HEX-NET compatible VCDS for Windows: 19.6.1
    To update: In VCDS click [Options], select the User Interface and Identification tab, and then [Check for updates],
    or you can simply download and install any newer version from this page

    We will endeavor to keep the data in this post current.


    PS: If you can't get JAR files to run on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC, try Johann Löfflmann's Jarfix.
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    Thank you, Uwe. I was actually thinking today about suggesting just such a thread. You beat me to it.


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    Important Note: The first time you install CB v0.42xx, (from v0.41xx) you must do so using the web interface (VCDS-Mobile: [Options] -> [Check for Updates]. You cannot update from CB 0.41xx to CB 0.42xx using the PC-based utility. Once you've got a CB v0.42xx in your HEX-NET, the old utility v1.9xx is deprecated and can no longer be used. You should then replace it with the current utility, and you should be able to use the new utility for all updates after that. Of course, you should also be able to do updates via the web interface if you choose.

    Beta Versions:
    These updates are optional. If you are unsure, you do not need to do anything, you can stay on the release channel. If you accept some risks and wish to test the latest stuff, you can switch your interface to the beta update channel via the advanced tab in VCIConfig.

    CB V0.4513
    * Updated chassis info
    * Fixes for ASAM functions

    CB V0.4508
    * More CAN broadcast filtering

    CB V0.4504
    * Fix for data logging
    * Add more models to diagnostic firewall check

    CB V0.4502
    * Tweaks for CAN broadcast for MQB/MLBevo
    * Fix for some encrypted label redirects
    * Fix for version number display

    CB V0.4451
    * Fix for 'Clear all DTCs'
    * Fixes for freeze frame data
    * Fixes for UDS init and timing with certain modules

    CB V0.4444
    * Support for new UDS addresses
    * Improved CAN broadcast support
    * Support for additional subgvl
    * Fixes for live data hud

    CB V0.4441
    * Improvements for aiding with server load balancing
    * Tweaks to 'talking to cloud' flag
    * Tweaks to VCDS comms

    CB V0.4438
    * Support for new MUX and measuring value types

    CB V0.4430
    * Fix for Kline long header packets
    * Fix for comms drop with certain modules that wait a long time to respond

    CB V0.4427
    * Fix for Kline comms with long header

    CB V0.4422
    * Adds new UDS addresses

    CB V0.4417
    * Support for new UDS loc descriptions
    * Support for new dataset
    * Fix to make DTC clear counting consistent
    * Adds support for ROD clear option

    DS 60000057
    * New rod and label data

    Release Changelog:

    CB V0.4508
    * More CAN broadcast filtering to reduce USB load

    CB V0.4505
    Cumulative changes:
    * Support for new UDS addresses
    * Numerous comms improvements and fixes
    * Fix for encrypted label redir

    CB V0.4436
    * Comms fixes for certain UDS alt addresses
    * Fix for certain UDS modules missing from mobile autoscan

    CB V0.4411
    * Support for configurable CharInt from VCDS
    * Test fix for comms with certain CAN modules

    CB V0.4409
    * Fix for data loading/rod redirect issues
    * Fix for UDS mv drops with grouped requests + turbo mode
    * Fix for Immo3 extra info parsing

    CB V0.4407
    * Updated UDS address list
    * Fix for certain rare comms issues
    * Support for release channel switching

    CB V0.4401
    * Speed improvements for Auto-Scan
    * Fixes for CAN OBDII
    * Fix for turbo mode with dual-ecu (0x31)
    * Support for UDS Multifunc. Module (4B)

    CB V0.4341
    * VCDS support for LT3/Crafter platform
    * HTTP tweaks
    * Registration process updates

    CB V0.4336
    * Support for larger CAN packets
    * Coding timing tweak for certain modules
    * Fix for ROD parsing issue
    * Tweaks to missing ROD logic

    CB V0.4334
    * Tweaks for kline timing
    * Tweaks for http downloads
    * Improvements for DS downloads
    * Fix for registered use counting
    * Fix for label redirect
    * Fix VIN refresh issues

    CB V0.4323
    * Improved autoscan reliability w/ MLBevo modules
    * Fix for some OBDII data pids
    * Fix for static IP settings
    * Fix for freeze at MV list generation

    CB V0.4321
    * Support for additional MIB2/MLBevo modules
    * Fix for turbo mode with CAN modules
    * Fix for rod sync timeout with web interface
    * Fix for rod redirect issue

    CB V0.4316
    * Support for CAN Extended IDs
    * Fix bug with ASAM download stuck at zero
    * Fix for ROD loading

    CB V0.4313
    * Show file size in FW download
    * Fix for coding length of certain modules
    * Fix for certain UDS modules missing in autoscan
    * Fix SSID encoding through web config

    CB V0.4309
    * Fixes several bugs with loading ASAM data that could lead to update loops
    * Fixes bug with mobile updates exceeding 100%

    CB V0.4305
    * Fix for HTTP retry in certain cases
    * Avoid DTC in B7 TDI 2.5 fuel pump

    CB V0.4304
    * Background support for updating/clearing labels
    * Fix for VCDS comms issue when clearing faultcodes with certain modules
    * VCDS VIN api

    CB V0.4301
    * Fix for reading DTCs from certain modules
    * Don't check ASAM data in AP mode
    * Changes to idle timer handling
    * Heartbeat shows USB enum status
    * Support for registration functions
    * Fixes for some rods
    * Fix for EEPROM sync

    CB V0.4231
    * Updated address list
    * Fixes/Optimizations for networking
    * Fixes for comms issues particularly with large packets

    CB V0.4222
    * Optimizations for ASAM download under high latency
    * Improved junk CAN frames handling
    * Improved latency tracking
    * Updated address list

    CB V0.4215
    * Support for new update version 2.0+ update utility
    * Fixes for certain CAN modules, particularly for service 22 ID
    * TP1.6 tries to fall back to kline if it doesn't receive the sync byte
    * Fixes for text measuring values (display and logging)
    * Retry on no response to service 22 ID
    * Fix for downloading ASAM data
    * Fix for TP2.0 comms with certain ABS

    CB V0.4123
    * Fixes for ROD update issues
    * Support for CAN broadcast
    * Auto wifi prioritization
    * Fix for autoscan issue with certain modules with many subsystems

    CB V0.4119
    * Fix for fs sync issue
    * Fix for fallback led status
    * Fixes for rod update
    * Supports vcds read/write values
    * Fix for service 22 grouped packet
    * Supports USB updates

    CB V0.4114
    * Support for Wifi FW updates
    * Fix for KW2000 packets with long format header

    CB V0.4112
    * Improvements to HTTP timing that should make downloads faster to start and more reliable
    * Tweaks to autoscan formatting

    CB V0.4111
    * Tweaks for CAN timing
    * Fix for manually entering group zero when not in label file
    * Fix for possible memory leak when force closing a session during kline comms

    CB V0.4110
    * Support for MV/BS group zero

    CB V0.4109
    * Support for TP1.6 1281
    * Reliability and performance tweaks for VCDS comms

    CB V0.4108
    * Fix for additional modules in the Phaeton

    CB V0.4107
    * Fix for comms with certain modules, particularly those in the Phaeton

    CB V0.4106
    * Fix for certain measuring block formatting
    * Tweaks to log format to include some more info like time and VIN when available
    * Tweaks for server comms
    * Fixes for some UDS modules, particularly with coding
    * Improvements to VCDS comms

    CB V0.4105
    * Fix for a bug in 0.4104 which can hang retrieving the gateway list
    * Fix for certain measuring blocks where less than 4 values are present
    * Tweaks for CAN timing for some slower/picky modules

    CB V0.4104
    * Support for dual CAN ECUs
    * Support for MQB gateway list
    * Tweaks for VCDS comms
    * Tweak to subsystem timing that may improve some modules

    CB V0.4102
    * Fixes for VCDS comms
    * Fixes for text measuring values
    * Updates addresses
    * Fix for ASAM data autoscan redirect

    CB V0.41
    * Fixes an issue with kline comms

    CB V0.4019
    * Fixes several kline comms issues
    * Tweaks to VCDS comms with certain kline modules

    CB V0.4018
    * Fix for comms with 1281 modules
    * Tweaks to 1281 timing to better tolerate slower modules
    * Fix for TP1.6 CAN modules
    * Fix for Gateway list for some gateways
    * Fixes for VCDS comms
    * Tweaks to Kline retry/timeout
    * Fixes for Autoscan

    CB V0.4016
    * Fixes bug where autoscan could hang after first module

    CB V0.4015
    * Fixes a bug where a VIN from a previous vehicle could show up during an autoscan

    CB V0.4014
    * Compatibility fix for retrieving GVL in VCDS

    CB V0.4013
    * Fix for CAN status in VCDS options-test
    * Compatibility fix for certain CAN modules with VCDS, particularly ones with subsystems
    * Fix for certain UDS modules that could interfere with Autoscan results
    * Tweaks to Autoscan formatting to more closely reflect VCDS output
    * "Check for Updates" from options page now also checks for any ASAM data you may be missing

    DS 60000055
    * New rod and label data
    * Support for rod clear function

    DS 00000050
    * Improvements for web updates

    DS 10000048
    * New chassis and label data

    DS 10000045
    * New Label Files
    * New ASAM data

    DS 10000042
    * Updated label and chassis data

    DS 10000039
    * Updated label and chassis data

    DS 00000036
    * Updated chassis file and ASAM data

    DS 00000035
    * New codes list
    * New ASAM data

    DS 00000034
    * Improved VIN management

    DS 00000033
    * New label files
    * Minor fixes to several webpages

    DS 00000030
    * Updated label files

    DS 00000029
    * Updated ASAM data

    DS 00000028
    * Update file for wifi FW, version 310C

    DS 00000027
    * Updated info for some newer cars
    * Tweak to update page

    DS 00000026
    * Reports registration status warning after checking for updates if interface has not yet been registered with the cloud server.
    * Files needed for some of the above changes

    FW V0.256
    * Tweaks to event queue processing and TCP comms

    FW V0.254
    * Fixes to Mass Storage for Windows 10 (creators update) support
    * Tweaks to wifi low power mode

    FW V0.253
    * Improvements to wifi scanning and wifi comms
    * Filesystem improvements
    * Improvements to DHCP handling
    * Better kline sync processing

    FW V0.244
    * Tweaks to Wifi comms
    * Fixes for EEPROM sync

    FW V0.238
    * Support for displaying signal strength
    * Wifi networking fixes

    FW V0.223
    * Optimized EEPROM handling

    FW V0.215
    * Fixes for FS issues, beeps on critical FS init failure

    FW 0.214
    * Fixes for USB mass storage support

    FW 0.210
    * Fix for a USB Mass Storage issue with certain hubs

    FW 0.208
    * Fixes concurrency and sync issues that could cause a 404 page to be displayed

    FW 0.196
    * Several tweaks to kline handling
    * Fix for properly clearing kline buf on close
    * Tweaks to TCP timing for performance

    FW 0.187
    * Various tweaks and bug fixes, mostly for rare cases

    FW 0.184
    * Fixes some networking issues

    HexNetConfig V1.963
    * Fixes for rod update
    * New wifi config interface

    New utilities for CB V0.42xx+
    Windows/Linux: HexNetConfigV2.014.jar
    Mac: HexNetConfigV2.014

    Legacy utilities:
    Windows/Linux: HexNetConfigV1.963.jar
    Mac: HexNetConfigV1.963
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    Confirm ASAM update works as designed.
    Now I better get that interface VCDS-Cloud registered

    2012 A8L 4.2 Oolong/Titanium. Premium, LED, Driver assist, Rear seat comfort, Dual pane, Alcantara, Panorama

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    May I suggest that when you guys update this thread that you add a new post simply stating "update" or something along with editing the first post and change log. That way the date on the thread will update and users will be able to see on what date an update was released. The 3/10/14 date is not changing because you're only editing the posts so I thought I was running the latest version only to discover I actually was not.

    I suppose I could always click on the thread first thing but figured this might help as well.

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    VCDS Beta 14.2.3:

    * Fixes timing problem with TCP communications on some PCs/Network boards.
    * Shows what sub-nets it tried to find a HEX-NET on if it fails to find one.
    * Adds configurable Network timeout on Options screen when NET port is in use.
    * Shows mileage in Auto-Scans on cars using UDS instrument clusters
    * Shows real-ish dates in freeze-frame data even on cars that don't know the actual date.

    Requires latest Codeblock V0.4016, so if you haven't updated your HEX-NET itself recently, please do so first.

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    Updated all today to latest software / firmware /DB etc.. and HEX-NET it is working really well.. really smooth, Fast and fluid.. VCDS Mobile and CLOUD working well on my laptop.. now will set it up on my HTC phone

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    CB V0.4018 released, see details above

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    VCDS Beta 14.4.0:

    * Adds an option to manually enter a HEX-NET's IP address.
    * Includes numerous stability improvements and bug fixes for HEX-NET interfaces
    * Requires CB V0.4018 in your HEX-NET, so update that first please!


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    CB V0.4019 is out, fixes some kline comms issues

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