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    Current Versions

    HEX-NET interface & VCDS-Mobile:
    CodeBlock: V0.4513
    FW: 0.256
    CFB: 0.10
    BL: 0.28
    Dataset: DS 60000055

    You can see these versions on the About page of VCDS-Mobile.

    Preferred: Use the native Windows utility for updating, configuring, or registering the HEX-NET. It is included with VCDS and accessible from the Options screen (see this thread).

    Alternative 1: Make sure your HEX-NET is connected to a network in Infrastructure mode and can access the internet.
    Click [Options] -> [Check for updates].

    Alternative 2: connect your HEX-NET to a computer and use the Java configuration utility:
    Windows/Linux: HexNetConfigV2.014.jar
    Mac OS: HexNetConfigV2.014

    Note for people who bought their HEX-NETs way back when and haven't updated them in just about forever: The new config utilities linked above are only compatible with CodeBlock 0.42xx and higher. You can only get from a CodeBlock below 0.42xx to something current with VCDS-Mobile per this thread. If you need to configure a HEX-NET that does not yet have CodeBlock 0.42xx, please use the older version of HexNetConfig here:
    Windows/Linux: HexNetConfigV1.963.jar
    Mac OS: HexNetConfigV1.963

    HEX-NET compatible VCDS for Windows: 19.6.1
    To update: In VCDS click [Options], select the User Interface and Identification tab, and then [Check for updates],
    or you can simply download and install any newer version from this page

    We will endeavor to keep the data in this post current.


    PS: If you can't get JAR files to run on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC, try Johann Löfflmann's Jarfix.
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