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fiber optic works in series one plug, 2 fiber optics input and output, so you will need Y fiber optic spliter adapter, connected to original plug that goes to dynaudio, new plug to dynaudio and extra one longer to the cluster / active info display, for the coding to the car, if it's brand new dealer can code it no problem
m87a: Interesting................. I assume that the cluster swap for the Active Display isn't just a MOST coupling connection - is it? The instrument cluster module J285 is run from the convenience CAN, but the MOST facility is driven via J794 which hangs off the Infotainment CAN. Somehow, signals from the fuel gauge sender still needs to be processed (I would think)? Also, are there Component Protection issues with retrofitting an Active Display - as there would be if a new "normal" cluster were installed (or is this somehow avoided)?