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Thread: Beware of Polish Conman

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    Beware of Polish Conman

    People here ! Beware ! I was conned by this Polish person who have given a bad name to Polish people.

    I sent the money to him for a MIB2 Discover Media set but he made so many excuses about the delivery.

    Eventually, I had to come to term that I was cheated. Didn't want to believe this but it is a fact. I lost about Euro 1000 but learned a good lesson about believe people. He seem pretty knowledgeable though.

    He claims that his name is Martin ( Marcin Korban ? ) Probably a false name. Should have suspected when his bank account name was different. I paid Euro1000 to be wiser. Hope the money would help him pay a good funeral soon.

    Marcin Korban (Martin )
    Ul. Taternikow 1/1
    71-020 Szczecin
    HP: +48 501 850 495
    Email :

    Band account in Euro :
    name: Walery Kolodziej
    Ul.Barbakan 2a/7

    bank name: ING
    PL 88 1050 1559 1000 0090 9948 2532 - number of Euro account

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    I'm sorry to hear that. That's a lot of money to lose.

    Golden rule of thumb and (sadly) a lesson to be learned here - NEVER pay anyone by direct bank transfer. It gives you virtually zero comeback in the event of any issues, especially if the money has been sent to a foreign bank account. Only ever pay by a method that offers proper payment protection (or doesn't release the funds to the seller until the goods are confirmed as received by way of postage tracking confirmation), or pay by credit card where the card company will end up taking the hit if something goes wrong. If a seller offers neither of these payment methods then walk away. It's just not worth the risk.

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    Why is this in Hall of Shame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHODAN View Post
    Why is this in Hall of Shame?
    The OP posted it here and I can't think of a more fitting place.

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    I saw some pressure sensors on ebay, the seller advised he had only got three, so I emailed him via ebay and asked him about the sensors, he then told me that he could make up a kit to my own specifications, I then asked if so, how would I pay you, he replied I'll send you an invoice through paypal. We agreed what I wanted to purchase and how much, then he sent the invoice through paypal, naturally I paid.

    Time moved on and the delivery was not forth coming, contacting him by email did get responses but they were all excuses about him and his wife running into hospital etc, eventually I got fed up and hearing the repeat excuses, so before the cut off point I emailed paypal and copied the emails to them, the stopped his payment, very surprisingly he registered the sensors by tracking number and posted them the next day, a week later they arrived and then paypal released his money.

    The moral of the story, ONLY use a recognised payment system that protects the buyer, paypal work worldwide and its not that difficult to become verified with them, a bit like becoming verified on here, you contact planet location Earth, and Uwe does the business very swiftly and your verified
    Every job is important, even the lowliest, and peoples lives very much depend on us all, so with this in mind, let no man delude himself that his work is more important than that of his colleagues.

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