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Thread: HEX-NET Firmware Update Required

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    Let me preface by saying Im a 37 year old vw tech of 18 years and am basic at best with computers. I have no choice but to try to stay up to date in my field so pardon and wrong terminology...(see above)I was using the wifi at work wich im guessing has restrictions on it because when I got home I was able to download the firmware with no problems using home wifi in infrastructure mode. I used vcds mobile to scan my vdub in the garage using ap but could not use the cloud in infrastructure mode because my wifi will not reach the garage. so I will have to try at work if they can resolve the restriction. I bought the vag com to use at work because the factory scan tool constantly has issues everytime theres an update and is hurting my efficiency. I wish vwoa came out with beta versions! Also I really didn't buy the hex net for the mobile option but was hopeing to use vcds wirelessly through the cloud. I will have to play with it Monday to see if it works. Why wifi and not Bluetooth? Is it for the mobile option? From what I have used it for so far it seems to be a great product and much faster than the factory scan tool wich will help me make more $. Thanks for the help Uwe and Peter/Logic!

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    I'm sure there are other reasons, but WiFi can have over three times the range of Bluetooth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbovwgti View Post
    Why wifi and not Bluetooth?
    Because WiFi's range is essentially world-wide. When you do stuff via TCP/IP networking, any device should be able to talk to any other device, provided both devices are on networks that have access to the internet. This opens up a huge realm of possibilities, most of which we haven't even begun to explore, but we need to be able to walk steadily before we try to run.

    WiFi signal in my garage here was terrible too. So I bought a cheap WiFi router and installed it in the garage. I used a couple of powerline network adapters to give it access to my network 'cause I was too lazy to run CAT5 cabling to the garage.


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