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Thread: Audi A7 MY2011 adaptive cruise control (ACC) module security access login code needed

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    Audi A7 MY2011 adaptive cruise control (ACC) module security access login code needed

    Hello guys. Probably any of you are good in VCDS sec. access codes

    Experiencing difficulties with Audi A7 MY2011 passing security access log-in process with VCDS tool (or any other). Changing the adaptation / coding is needed.

    Login codes 89531 and 20103 are both accepted by control unit, but aren't suitable for the changes I need to make (changing the behavior of ACC after full stop, longer than ~5 seconds).

    Address 13: Auto Dist. Reg (J428) Labels: 4H0-907-561.clb

    Part No SW: 4G0 907 561 HW: 4G0 907 561
    Component: ACC3 H15 0160
    Serial number: 00000000000000
    Coding: 3C04010201
    Shop #: WSC 02391 785 00200
    ASAM Dataset: EV_AdaptCruisContrAU57X 001003
    ROD: EV_AdaptCruisContrAU57X_001.rod
    VCID: 67D6BEA39EA0E27FAD-8032

    Thanks for your help in advance, people.

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    I just noticed the recent email and locate this (old) thread which may be the same car.

    20103 should enable coding and 89531 is basic settings enabling. I don't have any other tested codes to offer you but it sounds like you are seeking one specific to Adaptation.

    This is where we take a full experimental turn. After searching for similar newer gen labels containing 20103 I found a T'reg Back-up Camera (#6C) TopView hit which lead me to other topview (AW 6C) feedback containing: 22351

    Even further off the beaten path I spotted 19249 for MQB 44 modules.

    Those are my only suggestions. If you try them make sure to use a known good code after a bad one so you don't lock yourself out.

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