TDI CR etc.. 18447/P2015/008213 - Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1): Implausible Signal

As promised.......... I had time today during a repair.

How to fix the code correctly & without some stupid bracket or with one to the tune of .50 cents + my two cents.
Sorry Diesel Dike, you have to kiss my ass on this one.

Remove intake flap motor to bench unit & or just cover in car to drill one hole and insert a spring roll pin.

Remove all things that are in the way such as air box etc.. using common sense.

Remove plastic intermediate gear from motor to flap mechanism.

Now move flap into half way position and secure with pins or clamps.

Center punch the aluminum and drill the spot as shown in picture.

Insert spring pin and tap in with hammer then adjust as needed, further reinstall the aforementioned gear.

Reinstall the cover and or the entire unit back in car & you are done, other than adaptions or DTC cleared in VCDS.

Second repair can be done by drilling & tapping one hole & by adding a small piece of sheet metal that is adjustable on same side as the actuator arm as pictured.

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