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    VW Scirocco 2009MY ABS Coding help

    Hi, car arrived into the shop for an ABS problem. After an autoscan it's apparent there is no coding stored in the ABS (the customer doesn't know how this happened!). Attached below the autoscan, if...
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    Thanks guys, all sorted now, ABS coding 0001306...

    Thanks guys, all sorted now, ABS coding 0001306 was correct. I had to change the EPB coding to 0021056 as Jef suggested (with the 0021156 coding I still had the dtc 03194 - Incompatible Interface and...
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    Passat 3C lost ABS and EPB coding

    Passat 3C, other shop fitted new EPB without making a note of the old codings, they have tried some other codings without luck. Attached autoscan, if someone has coding I can try it's much...
  4. Thanks for all replies guys. The van arrived back...

    Thanks for all replies guys. The van arrived back in today, I tried Jack's 1st coding and it was rejected, the 2nd coding was accepted but with a coding invalid DTC, the 3rd coding was rejected, but...
  5. Bump.. still need

    Bump.. still need
  6. 2010MY VW Caddy, lost ABS coding (MK60EC1)

    Hi, in the shop is a 2010MY Caddy that's lost the ABS coding after the customer fitted a used dash to see if it would cure an issue they were having (they didn't know it would lose the coding, also...
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