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  1. My car's compressor stopped working - the...

    My car's compressor stopped working - the compressor does not receive 12V. When I jump with 12V cables to the compressor directly it works fine. I checked fuse position 44 on the right side 5A (OK)...
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    Newbie with 2009 touareg v8

    This is my first Post. It's my understanding that I first need to post a full scan, well here it goes - below my question

    Yesterday I parked my car a bit hard against a wall (front), apparently no...
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    Cannot Level Calibrate - ERROR

    Hi I am new here, and own a 2008 Touareg V8. I purchased the VCDS because I wanted to recalibrate the suspension hight of my right-rear wheel as it sits 5mm lower than it should be. All other wheels...
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