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    Changing various coding on a mk7 golf tdi

    A good buddy of mine took delivery of a 2015 MK7 Golf TDI a few weeks ago.

    He ask me if i could do a few tweaks on the car like opening & closing the windows with the key fob etc.

    Could i use...
  2. Snow tires for a 2011 vw touareg tire pressure transmitter

    Buying a set of new snow tires and wheels and would like to know if i can omit the tire pressure transmitter from each rim. I did this on my 2009 vw tdi a while back by changing the vag com settings....
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    Have to bone up on how to post a auto scan....

    Have to bone up on how to post a auto scan. Played around today and got everything sorted out.

    Will read up on posting the Augo Scan
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    Installing rns 315 gps in mk6 gti

    My question is has anyone installed the RNS 315 into their MK6 GTI lately. I did this last weekend and and it worked out fine. I used my vagcom and opened the can gateway and then opened the...
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