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    When using a script, the value is not found.

    I use script well.
    Always thank you.

    Often when I use some scripts I can't find a value.
    For example

    StartVCDS ()
    OpenUnit ("09")
    LoginToUnit ("31347")
    ChangeAdpChannel ("Leuchte23SL...
  2. Thanks to Andy Smith and the community. It was...

    Thanks to Andy Smith and the community.

    It was a locale issue when using the hex-net interface.

    We fixed the problem by setting the Windows locale to US.

    Thank you for reply.
  3. Why can't you be a channel search only at the 09.Cent elect. (Solved)

    I have 19MY Arteon, VCDS19.6, and HEX-NET interface.
    In other units, the search works well, but only the 09.Cent elect. has an error.


    Thank you Andy Smith from the VCDS...
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