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  1. Can anyone help with transmission coding for an audi all road

    Currently the transmission control module is under water and has no communication. Can we fit a second hand unit ? and can someone assist us with the coding required? Please see below:

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    Hi Uwe Sorry for being dumb but what is...

    Hi Uwe
    Sorry for being dumb but what is 3-vin hex-v2s is this steering lock customer did state it made a funny noise are these plug and play or need encoding??
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    2006 Audi Q7

    Hi all i have a been called out to 2006 Audi Q7 that had no comms or dash lights and was a no start i have manged to read some codes by putting key in and out i have now got comms with acc/start...
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    Remote will not store


    i have a audi a3 2006 and car has one remote when i go into 46 convenience module and program remote when i press button indicators flash to show signal is coded but when i exit it and turn...
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    ABS light on

    hi can any one help i have a abs light on but no code stored i have just bought car heres log

    VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows...
  6. Hi steering angle is straight and showing 0...

    Hi steering angle is straight and showing 0 degrees and calibrated fine in 3 abs but think coding issue in 16 steering module how do you code the long codeas I'm sure the coding boxes was greyed out...
  7. Audi A7 None start - J393 convenience module help needed

    Hi all, I have an audi A7, that is dead. No start or authorisation is being given to the steering lock, I have found no power on row of the fuses, which is controlled by 15 terminal relay, the earth...
  8. Thanks for reply steering wheel module has...

    Thanks for reply
    steering wheel module has been replaced and we have now re coded abs module but cant get steering angle to calibrate.We will have a look again at terminals tomorrow as another...
  9. Seat Alhambra problem resetting steering angle sensor

    Trying to reset the Steering Angle Sensor (G85) on a Seat Alhambra, im entering code 41068 and its saying its not ok (incorrect) Anyone came across this problem before any advice on how to resolve...
  10. Thread: ABS code

    by aaron carter

    ABS code

    hi i have a seat Alhambra that the abs module soft code has been deleted here is log can any one help with correct coding please

    VCDS -- Windows Based...
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