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  1. Side Assist works OK, trailer assist as well!

    All problems now solved!:D:D

    I have a summary of the code changes as an Excel document, which I can not attach here, all formatting disappears ! I also tried to print it as a PDF-file, but can not...
  2. Update

    Thanx for coding suggestions, here is an update from today.

    Two steps forward and one backwards.

    I Just found out that the Tiguan AD1 (2016+) is not based on the MBQ for the assistant systems. ...
  3. Can-bus problems after retrofitting Side Assist VW Tiguan 2018

    I have retrofitted Area view 2, which works fine, and Side Assist, also named Blind spot, in my Tiguan AD1. The problem occurs when I plug in the connector to the radars, other controllers on that...
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