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    Is Left Engine Mount Driver Side?

    Ran a scan on my 09 B8A4 Avant and getting a ground fault on Left Engine mount, normally this would be Driver Side but double checking to verify (L) is from sitting in driver seat at not looking at...
  2. Thanks DrPeter for the fast response! :thumbs:

    Thanks DrPeter for the fast response! :thumbs:
  3. Can B6 be turned off after using VAG-COM to put rear calipers in service position?

    I am getting ready to replace back rotors and pads on my 08 Passat for second time and wondering if anyone knows if after retracting the calipers with VAG-COM can you close out of the program and...
  4. Answer from Ross-Tech

    Got a response from tech support at Ross-Tech that I will share.

    BTW all the radio functions on steering wheel work and radio info shows up in MFD.

    "In this case that RCD-510 is a 2010 and...
  5. Retrofit 2012 RCD-510 into 08 Passat that had RCD-310, Get Fault Code

    I recently replaced the RCD-310 in my 08 Passat with a 2012 RCD-510-AE version radio, everything seems to be working well except when I do a VCDS scan I get the following fault.

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