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  1. Thank you for helping out... I have done some...

    Thank you for helping out...

    I have done some research with different VIN's and compared the PR numbers with partslink24.

    These are my findings:

    CARS WITH PR-2E3 brakes

    10 87 24 AD 09 A7...
  2. VW Multivan T5.1 2013 ABS coding required for bigger front brakes - code PR-2E4


    I have upgraded front brakes on my 2013 T5 Multivan from PR-2E3 (which was originally delivered with the van) to PR-2E4 (340 mm disc which was originally delivered with 180 HP Bi-TDI...
  3. GOLF 6 GTI Bi-Xenon + AFS - Retrofit on a car with DCC

    Hi Dana,

    Just to share Auto-scan of my car after retrofitting Bi-Xenon + AFS on a car with DCC.

    All the functions work just fine with this coding (see the auto scan) of xenon range module....
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