Gearbox issues and worn out clutch and other issues ... Need advice!

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Sep 25, 2016
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Hi i am new on this forum...sorry for the lengthy post. kinda lost right now, Hopefully some of you guys can advise me on what to do. This few days has been kind of a nightmare. It is my first time buying a car and it is kind of tragic. So 5 days ago I bought a car from a broker and the transaction and transfer was made from the direct owner of the car to me , so all the repairs isnt covered under the lemon law in my country (Singapore) . An 2009 AUDI A5 2.0. Paid the full amount.. and got the car. The car worked fine for 2 days , however on the 3rd day when i was driving on the expressway , the car had loud vibrations and it jerks from time to time when i step on the accelerator. The jerking got worse and eventually the car came to a halt.. i restarted the engine. The car came back to life.. I could drive the car at a slow speed as i was hoping to stop a place with lesser traffic , the problem got worst and the car eventually stopped and i couldn't start it again and all the electronics seemed to not work. During all this there was a malfunction message stating "Gearbox malfunction (No reverse) but you may continue to drive." Got the car tow-ed... to VAG singapore .. along the way the guy towing my car dropped my A5 and the front bumper came loose.. (such luck) they agreed to pay for the damage. They did a scan and gave me a few options of repair.. to my horror it'll set me back at least $9000 USD .. thats a lot of money. Is there any other solutions for fixing the gear box without replacing the mechatronic? ..Hopefully some of you guys can help me out here.. Not a great week for me. I'll appreciate any advice or help i can get. i have also attached images of the VAG malfunction scans for my car.

This was his solution for my car.
" A) Gearbox fault replacement parts recommendation :-
- Found fault on Mechatronic and Input shaft

Option 1:-
> Replace gearbox mechatronic and input shaft package $8500 (3 days indent parts)
(All remote and plastic key required to be on site during coding)
(Inclusive labour of $666 for installation)
(Replace to monitor)

Option 2:-
> 7 Speed dual clutch gearbox $19,668.00 (3 days indent parts)
DSG fluid $52 per liter x 7
Wheel alignment $90
Coding $700
Labour $666
(All remote and plastic key required to be on site during coding)

Ps. Currently the fault is pointing to Mechatronic and Input shaft.
Assuming Option 1 to proceed. If successful, the cost remain.
In the event adaptation failed. Option 2 will kick in.
- If proceed with Option 2, the labour charges will remain as $666.
- If cancel replacement after Option 1 or reinstall original used parts, the labour will be charge at $666 x 2.

B) Engine fault replacement parts recommendation :-
- Found fault on Intake manifold
> Replace intake manifold $670.10
Labour to replace manifold $180
(Replace to monitor)

C) Multiple Electrical supply voltage fault - Suspect due to aging battery(05-2013. Balance 48%).










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Dec 15, 2015
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The dsg gearboxes are known to give unreasonable trouble so much so that VW in China have been forced by the government to give a 10 year warranty. Maybe you need to investigate the situation in Singapore. As far as parts for the vag group you could try Xinzhong on tyrwhitt road among others where parts would probably be more reasonably priced. You would of course need to take the car to an independent workshop, I believe that there is a vag forum in Singapore which would probably be very helpful to you.
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