Case Study: P2293 after engine swap



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Jan 29, 2014
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2006 A4, 2.0T BPG

Not 100% of the full back story, something along the lines of Wally World ruined the engine from a poorly performed oil change... at any rate, the engine was replaced with a crate unit from the local Audi dealer. I'm told it was all built up, new HPFP, new sensors, new blah blah blah....

After a minor issue with a relay (J757), got the car running pretty good but would flag the following:

18725/P2293/008851 - Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276): Mechanical Malfunction

Now we've seen this code flagged due to worn pumps or worn camshafts, but this stuff was all brand new from the dealer.

The issue was the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor, G247. There seems to be a few different flavors of these G247 sensors, and you can not mix and match them.!

The new sensor that came with this engine was the wrong one, the ECM was basically getting "bad" data. The original G247 from the old engine was installed and the issue was resolved.

We generally see this issue during used engine swaps, this is the first I've come across it from a new engine install. So long and short of it, when doing an engine swap, you need to make sure that the sensors you are installing are what the ECM is looking for. If in doubt, swap items over or order new parts based on the VIN of the vehicle.
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