16.5.1 - SRI licensed interface error



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Mar 30, 2014
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Hi there,

I got this strange error when I was doing SRI Reset on 4 cars in a row - "Sorry! This function requires a licensed interface". The version I used was 16.5.1. Before that I used the forum exclusive 16.5.0, which succesfully updated FW in my cable.
The car in which I got the error was an Audi A6 4F, MY2011, 3.0 TDI EU spec and it was the last car in the row. I did the reset altering the proper channels by hand. All of the three previous cars SRI Resets were made without any problem, just this Audi failed.

Since I updated the FW with 16.5.0 version I have a slight feel that the cable is not so reliable, I get communication errors or no respone from controllers more often. I also noticed missing subsystem controllers, either in the autoscans or after I select the controller (mostly central electronic 09 on MQB platform based cars, missing wipers identification and/or RLS). It helps to close VCDS and start it again, then all subsystems are identified.

Any idea what can be wrong? Although my cable is more than 5 years old, it was always threated very well and is in a good condition, at least from the outside point of view :rolleyes: