Case Study: 2007 A6, crank no start, P2533



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Ross-Tech Employee
Jan 29, 2014
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2007 A6 4.2L BVJ engine

Engine would crank over, but not fire up. ECM keeps flagging:

P2533 - Ignition Switch; Run/Start Position Circuit: Open or Short to Ground

Some low voltage codes in other systems. Check Battery Regulation for DTCs, several Quiescent Current Stage [x] codes. Has an OE battery, part number 4F0-915-105-D, but it seems this battery doesn't come with the needed BEM Code sticker. Battery coding has the correct part number, but the value for the serial number is no where to be found on the battery. I suspect this was the original battery serial number.

I explain battery coding, need to get a OE battery from dealer with BEM Code and start from there since the car is shutting down a bunch of systems.

Calls back.... hooked up a battery charger, cleared codes in Battery Regulation, car fires up now and the P2533 code isn't coming back. Has new battery on order.:thumbs:

Now P2533 will show up on a Google search for the next confused bastard that gets it. You're welcome.:D