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Jan 29, 2014
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Okay, will get this out of the way ... I don't always wash my car by hand using free range honey badger belly chamois cloths, ok? I've never had a problem with an automatic car wash until 2 weeks ago when I emerged from the automatic wash and looked out my passenger side window to see this:

Hmm ... that looks way more Terminator-ish than I remember. Anyway, I told the attendant and he ran back in and retrieved the mirror cap, now with one of the two u-shaped pieces broken:

He had me leave my contact information and the next day the car wash owner called me and asked for the VIN and color of my car. I told him and fast forward to today he left a VM that he had a mirror for me.

The new one is a factory VW part (made in Hungary, unlike the broken one which was made in Mexico) and has been painted what looks like a very close match to my car:

The old mirror cap in my hand is dirty and may have gotten scratched by the guts of the carwash so the color looks a bit off in the pic.

The car wash guys say they haven't seen a VW break like that but have seen Volvos. I want to commend them for being awesome and making this right so anyone who needs a wash please patronize: