Mechanical LSD with XDS, TCS and DSR?



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May 20, 2014
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I can’t seem to find solid answers on some of the VagCom performance options for my 2011 MK6 GTI and would love some quick guidance if you have a moment. After adding a Peloquin Limited Slip Differential, I’m unsure as to whether these options will help or hurt the mechanical advantages. Can you tell me your thoughts on this?

Electronic Differential Lock (XDS) Strength – With a mechanical LSD installed, would I benefit from this or would it hinder the LSD?
Description: XDS is the electronic differential lock. On higher HP models (Scirocco R), this is set to 2, whereas the default on the GTI is 0. At 2, the system is more aggressive at applying brake pressure to the inside/slipping tire.
Go to Adaptation in the ABS module
Choose "Electronic Differential Lock (XDS)
Set new value to to 2 (0 is stock, 1 is weak, 2 is strong)

Driver Steering Recommendation (DSR) – I don’t really understand what this does or if it makes the car safer
Description: DSR is the use of sensors relating to the ESP sense when the car is going into a skid, and the steering ECU automatically provides a prompt to the driver to correct the car trajectory by giving the steering wheel a quick 'nudge'. There are 3 settings, nobody has reported changing this and if 1 or 2 is better than stock.
Go to Adaptation in the ABS module
Choose "DSR"
Set new value to: 0 for strong (stock setting), 1 for center, or 2 for weak

Torque Steer Compensation (TSC) – With a mechanical LSD installed, I set this to 1 to prevent the LSD steering wheel twitch in straight line acceleration.
Description: Using the Steering Assist controller (not the brakes), TSC will help prevent torque steer on tuned cars. A TSC of 1 is used by default in higher HP FWD VW models like the VR6 FWD Passat.
Go to Adaptation in the Steering Assist module
Choose "Torque Steer Compensation (TSC)"
Set new value to 1
Discussion and test video: VAG-COM — Torque Steer Compensation (update: it works!)

Thank you so much!


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Jan 29, 2014
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I had a Quaife in my Mk.1. I'm trying to remember when that was. 20+ years ago in any case. If a Peloquin in a Mk.6 performs as well, Electronic Differential Locking should be irrelevant; you'll never have enough difference between the front wheel speeds to trigger it.

I have no input on your other questions.