2004 allroad level control calibration: Login lost due to dropped session



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Feb 11, 2016
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I'm new to the Audi Allroad and I just recently picked one up. The previous owner swap the airbags over to the Arnott coilover kit and the front shocks are totally shot and the car floats like a boat. Therefore, I decided I want the go back to OEM airbags suspension as I would like to have the option of lowering/raising the car.

I bought a completely set of 4 front & rear airbags with shocks, compressor and the dist valve too. The bags are in great condition. I found out that the current air compressor on the car still in operational so the only thing I did was to install the bags/strut/shock back into the car. Now, the new bags installed, the car is slam to the ground. I know I need to do a level calibration to see if I can get the car back up.

I first installed the rear bags and once I install it, I decided to see if I plug in the vcds to see if I can pump some air into the bags and raise the rear of the vehicle which I was able to do. Now come the fronts. I installed the front bags and try to do the same and see if I can calibrate the leveling. Now, here where the issue started. I plug in the cable to the obd port and following the direction of level calibration. Each time I try to login using 31564 code and click Do It!, it brings me back to the controller screen. On the top right hand corner, I see a warning, "Login lost due to dropped session". Now, in the adaptation screen, I now only get errors all across the board no matter what i try to do. I do have a generic cable I got from ebay and it seems it's working as I can pull codes.

How can i fix the "Login lost due to dropped session" so i can finish the leveling calibration? I'm also getting the error code for Not Learned so I have a yellow warning light on my instrument cluster. I know the compressor is working as I can hear it and I know it's pumping air into the airbags as I try squeezing the airbag and they are hard. The rear bags is pretty hard and the car looks like it's in the level 2 position but for the fronts, I also squeezed the bag and they seem to be hard but the front end is still dropped to the ground and the car is not driveable.

Please if anyone can help me get my vcds talk to the leveling controller so I can perform the calibration and get the front end of the car up to a drivable position, I would appreciate it.

Thank you