Hex-Net - New User, iOS only - unable to connect with hotspot



Feb 25, 2014
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Cincinnati, OH
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Hello Karim,

Apple does have a product/protocol called an iBeacon that's based on Bluetooth, but it's a location and ranging service that has only a tangential relationship with WiFi, and has nothing to do with WiFi protocol beacons at all. I'm not aware of any major non-standard behavior from an Apple iPhone hotspot. I'll be happy to stand corrected if you can offer a link with more information supporting that assertion.

As a HEX-NET user, I'll stipulate Bluetooth would be nice to have sometimes, but a lot of the neat things VCDS Mobile can do (and will do in the future) depend on a direct Internet connection back to Ross-Tech HQ. And as a product designed to promote cross-platform compatibility, to treat Mac and Linux users as first-class citizens, the smarts are maintained in the interface and the Cloud -- not the client device accessing it.

For the time being, if you're not already, make sure you're configuring exactly one WiFi profile in your HEX-NET, that of your hotspot. If you have both your home WiFi and your hotspot configured in HEX-NET, and they're both visible, you may not get the result you expected, particularly if one of them is in very fringe coverage. Also bear in mind you don't have to be sitting in your car to setup and test the hotspot link.

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