Mk4 gti sunroof functions are reversed!!



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Apr 6, 2015
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So here is the deal, im working on my newly aquired mk4 gti vr6. its a 2001.

When i first got it, the sunroof motor was dead. it would turn a little but ultimately it would fail to move the sunroof.

i went and purchaced one used, and it works fine. except for the fact that the functions are exactly reversed. i thought it might be the motor itself, but i swapped in the original motor and even though it barely works, the functions on the original motor are also reversed. so i continued my investigation...

when i turn the dial to the "tilt" position, the sunroof actually slides back, but just a little bit. mimicking the amount of travel the motor would do if it were actually tilting up. the same holds true of the oposite functions. when i turn the control knob to the slide open or full open position, it tries like hell to lift it to the tilt position until it maxes out and stops.

so its seems this is the reason for the last motor being shot.

The question is, is there a basic setting that i can run for this? has anyone seen this before. Its not like most issues where the roof just gets mostly closed and then opens (pinch protection). the functions are there, but it almost seems that the motors polarity is reversed.

i even pulled the control knob out of my other mk4 (jetta) and swapped it in. same problem continues.

also here is a crazy thought, right now my cars temperature functions are reading in Celsius due to the fact that my auto button on the climatronic is stuck. so ive not been able to swap it to Farenheit. could this be some crazy link to the sun roof acting in reverse as if these settings apply to a right hand drive model? causing the control to be an exact reverse? thats nuts i know but ive done a ton work on all ranges of audis and vw's, but this is a new one for me. im sure its very simple but i havnt cracked it yet.

Thanks in advancefor all your help.