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audi q5 tdi

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May 4, 2014
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Hi. I am new here. Just would like to share how to perform service regeneration on audi q5 tdi. VCDS-ENGINE-SECURITY ACCESS enter code 27971 then DO IT . BASIC SETTINGS select from the list ( service regeneration ) Do It then apply for fully for pedal brake hold 1-2 seconds then release after apply for throttle pedal hold 1-2 second release . Regen should start. Before you do this you should check first how is loaded DPF there should be between 30-40 gram loaded DPF to perform service regen. Also parking brake ON. gear in parking position. all consumers ON. I mean heating seats on.air cond on. etc . Hood should be closed. No trouble codes stored. Coolant temperature should be no less then 70 cel I did this way it working
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