Please. Help pin read out/Current+flow drivers door card


John ler

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Jan 24, 2015
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Please. Help pin read out/Current+flow drivers door card
Hi guys sorry if this is in the wrong section and I've spent ages looking and searching before posting this

I'm looking for a pin read out or current flow chart for the drivers door card ( right hand drive car), I've fitted a new loom to my cat as mine was burnt, and when I press drivers window down it go's up and and down when pressing down also on the electric mirror , press drives and passenger side moves, so I'm wanting to change the wires over ( ie move pins around ) rather than buying a new loom, the car is a right hand drive audi S3 but I'm sure a3 will be the same it has electric mirrors and windows, pleas help it's driving me made,I dealing I need to no which pins to change over to make it work, many thanks I'm sure some out there will find this easy,