Dual Band Routers



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Jan 29, 2014
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It has come to our attention that there are a number of WiFi routers in use that have "Dual Band" capability (e.g. Linksys E3200). What this does is to give you a private, secured (with WEP or WPA) WiFi network, as well as an open (unsecured) one for the use of your guests. In many cases, the "Guest" network will redirect all requests to a web page generated by the router that requires your guests to do a login (or accept some terms) using their browser before they can access anything. This is very similar to what you would see at most public WiFi hotspots.

Although a HEX-NET has a built in web-server, but it does not have its own browser, and it simply cannot get past this kind of "security" in a router! It does works fine on routers configured for WEP or WPA security. So if you have a dual-band router with a "Guest" account that requires your guests to do something on a web page generated by the router, please configure your HEX-NET to access your "Private" network (which is presumably secured with WEP or WPA) instead of your "Guest" network.