Completing a VCDS procedure using VCDS-Mobile



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Jan 29, 2014
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In this example, i will show how to complete a Throttle body alignment on a 2008 GTI using VCDS-Mobile, while following the VCDS procedure.


HEX-NET must be connected via Infrastructure mode, and requires an active internet connection.

Wiki Procedure

 Drive-by-Wire (DBW) Engines using KWP-2000 or CAN

Turn the key on but do not start the car. 
[01 - Engine]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 060
It should say "Basic Settings: OFF" on the top of your screen.

Click [ON/OFF/Next] to turn on Basic Settings.
It should now say "Basic Settings: ON" on the top of your screen. Once you do this you will see the top right display say ADP RUN. The TB adaptation is being done as soon as you switched basic settings on. You will see the values change and hear the TB cycle for the first few seconds then it will stop. Leave it in Basic Settings for about 30 seconds.

Click [ON/OFF/Next] to turn off Basic Settings.
It should now say "Basic Settings: OFF" on the top of your screen

Click the [Done, Go Back] button and you're all set.
Be sure not to touch the accelerator and make sure the engine is NOT running when you do this!

If it did not complete, or resulted in Error, see the Special Notes below.

Step 1 : [Select]


Step 2: Click [01-Engine]


Step 3: [Basic settings]. VCDS-Mobile will require additional button clicks due to the location of Basic settings.

A:Click [Functions]


B: Then click [Cloud Functions]

C:Then click [Basic Settings]


Step 4: Enter the group number. Our procedure calls for 060. Once entered press the [Go] button.


Step 5: Initiating the Basic setting. VCDS handles the basic setting a little differently than VCDS-Mobile. VCDS will require the [On/Off/Next] button to be pressed. VCDS-Mobile auto-starts the test. As soon as you hit [Go] in VCDS-Mobile, the throttle body alignment will test and complete.


Once the results switch to ADP OK, You may click [Go Back] to exit the basic settings function. Results other than ADP OK, will have fault codes stored in the module.

VCDS and VCDS-Mobile are very similar! If you know one, you can manage with the other! If you know neither, then explore and learn!
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