Immob 3 ECM swapping.... getting the PIN the hard way :)



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Jan 29, 2014
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So I've been trying to get a PIN out of a used ECM, and the normal tool I use for this was not working. I have a "bench top" test rig that lets me scan MK4 gen ECMs and clusters:


I've had pretty good luck in the past pulling PINs on Immob 3 gasser ECM with software one of our overseas distributors use to sell. But the software was failing on this one ECM I was dealing with.

I know that the Odis can show log file info, and VWoA released a memo that basically stated that if trying to do key adaptation and it isn't working, you can view the log file and find the PIN for the Immobilizer. The very little info VWoA provided implies this is only to help with key adaptation.

So I take my rat's nest bench top kit to the dealer along with an Immob 3 instrument cluster and the ECM I'm needing the PIN.

Long and short of what worked... both the ECM and the Instrument Cluster are talking to the factory scan tool, and we are trying to "replace" the instrument cluster. Of course it fails to match up anything but in the end, we dig through the log file and hit pay dirt:


Used VCDS to confirm the PIN for the used ECM is in fact "02091".

The first time we tried to do this, we were saying we were replacing the ECM. It hid the PIN of the ECM, but the log file would show PIN for the instrument cluster by showing the Adaptation channel 50 value.

VW dealer techs were saying that they are still having issues with Immob 3 ECM swapping, so this may prove to be a work around. I will see about making a much better bench top harness kit and see if I can get better details on this for future use.... but this is a starting point. This would be useful for people who are too far away from a dealer... but shipping out a cluster and ECM is easy. No need to the whole car (or tow bill).

VW and Audi.... if you are going to let the factory scan tool be created by people who do not actually work on cars, then please offer a better service to where dealers can get PINs on demand. I have a cool name for the service... Wins2. :thumbs: