2015 Q5 TDI headlamp removal instructions passenger side (North America)


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Feb 19, 2021
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In my previous post I mention that my ecu tows the following code : 02897 - Supply Voltage for LED Module for DRL and Parking Light; Right. Went to a audi dealer and they said that I have to replace Led module right side. But before I order the part I want to make sure the correct part number, because dealer refused to share that info with me.


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Jan 29, 2014
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Hi there,

I always have to ask, what is the Big Deal parts department? Do they not know you can very easily find out the part numbers?

There are a few ways yo can find out part numbers and also see if the dealership is ripping you off by charging more than the MSRP for these parts.

The first (free) place you can go to is the manufactures website.
For US customers and maybe Canada? use: https://parts.vw.com/ and https://parts.audiusa.com/
- Use your VIN to help narrow down the parts.

The second (fee based) place and more like a on-line parts catalog like the dealer uses is https://www.partslink24.com/
- Also can use your VIN and is more geared to the professional and can be used world wide and with other vehicle brands.

Both sites will supply you with the newest part numbers and the current MSRP.

Watch out for dealers that charge above MSRP and call that price "List Price" when in fact it is inflated, and then they claim to give you a discount at the MSRP or maybe a bit more!*

* Please Note: Just for the record, I am not saying all dealerships do this, I am just stating my experiences, yours may vary.

Pro-tip: Once you find your part number, check out (not a big fan of ..) google.shopping to see the best prices, many larger dealerships sell online below the MSRP!!! And sometime you can show this to your dealership and see if they will price match, mine does.

Hope this helps,

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