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Sep 19, 2022
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Good evening, I'm new to the forum, I hope I have chosen the right place to post. I'll explain my problem to you. I own a 2013 Golf 7 GTD with stock xenon headlights (or so I am told, as the car is second hand bought in 2020). After a couple of months of purchase, condensation formed in the right headlight, I tried to contact the dealership to get it under warranty but they said it was not covered for that type of damage. Following this condensation, the error "directional headlights error" appeared and the spotlight on the right headlight had stopped working. I disassembled the headlight, dried it, removed the control units and dried those too. I then sealed the headlight and solved the condensation problem, but the error continued to exist. I went on like this for about 2 years until two weeks ago I decided to buy the control unit 3D0941329 H05 S0012 of the right headlight, buying it on ebay. The problem was not solved. Reading on the net I found discussions and almost everyone said that the headlight had to be replaced. Seeing the price for the single original headlight I opted to buy the new led OSRAM headlights on amazon. Mounted today, the error recurs. I did a scan with Carista, and I get the error code 13679104 (I am attaching the error log). Reading around a bit I think it is a coding to do if I'm not mistaken. Tomorrow I get the obd eleven so as to do long encodings. Anyone have any idea what exactly to do? Or if someone has already happened how did they solve it? Many thanks in advance

Gateway rete CAN
N. parte: 5Q0907530M
Componente: GW MQB High
Versione software: 1144
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_GatewLear
Codifica: 030100040B087300EF00066A080F0001000100000000000000 0000000000 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

N. parte: 04L906021EP
Componente: R4 2,0L EDC
Versione software: 5715
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_ECM20TDI01104L906021EP
Codifica: 01190012030401082000 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

N. parte: 5Q0907379S
Componente: ESC
Versione software: 0456
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB
Codifica: 01FA62A134220973037E060141C82980462C90C0608294F500 600074C006 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

N. parte: 3Q0909144D
Componente: EPS_MQB_ZFLS
Versione software: 5011
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_SteerAssisMQB
Codifica: 0101 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

N. parte: 5Q0953507AA
Componente: Lenks. Modul
Versione software: 0070
Codifica: 0400 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

N. parte: 5Q0959655C
Componente: AirbagVW20
Versione software: 0361
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_AirbaVW20SMEVW37X
Codifica: 98CCC000000000005C0000CF004800000065 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

Quadro strumenti
N. parte: 5G6920870A
Componente: KOMBI
Versione software: 2210
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB
Codifica: 07AD09002B80000800087A00000000 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

Sistema infotainment
N. parte: 5G0035846A
Componente: MU-S-N-ER
Versione software: 0421
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_MUStd4CPASE
Codifica: 02730001FF00000011110001000800031F0202840100010045 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

Orientamento fari
N. parte: 7P6907357A
Componente: AFS-ECU
Versione software: 0080
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_HeadlRegulVWAFSMQB
Codifica: 029801000B000200 (esadecimale)
Codici errore:
13679104 Codice specifico produttore

Riscaldamento e aria condizionata
N. parte: 5G0907044AA
Componente: Climatronic
Versione software: 0705
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_ACClimaBHBVW37X
Codifica: 00020104202100011005004000101000 (esadecimale)
Codici errore:
328197 Codice specifico produttore

Assistente parcheggio/sterzata
N. parte: 5Q0919294C
Componente: PARKHILFE 8K
Versione software: 0033
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_EPHVA18AU3700000
Codifica: 0031051001 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

Elettronica centrale
N. parte: 5Q0937084AA
Componente: BCM MQBAB H
Versione software: 0112
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_BCMCONTI
Codifica: 00000A46C24120DB4BE4400000140708100A00000000000000 0000000000 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

Porta autista
N. parte: 5Q0959593A
Componente: TSG FS
Versione software: 0006
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_DCUDriveSideEWMAXKLO
Codifica: 003E03208000040000001000 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

Porta passeggeri anteriore
N. parte: 5Q0959592A
Componente: TSG BFS
Versione software: 0006
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_DCUPasseSideEWMAXKLO
Codifica: 003E01208E00040000801000 (esadecimale)
[Nessun codice errore]

Rumore propagato nella struttura
N. parte: 5G0907159
Componente: SAS-GEN 2
Versione software: 0011
Identificativo ASAM/ODX: EV_SoundActuaGen2AU64X
Codifica: [nessuno]
[Nessun codice errore]

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This is the VCDS forum for users of our Ross-Tech VCDS tool. We do not support Carista nor OBDEleven on this forum. We suggest taking your question to the Carista or OBDEleven forums for answers.

Yes, you likely need to make coding changes.

No, we cannot tell what those changes might be. We would want to see a VCDS Autoscan from the car to offer assistance.
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