Case Study: 01400 - Suspension Level Control: Upper Limit Exceeded



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Jan 29, 2014
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2010 Q7, right rear up way too high. The compressor and valve block had been replaced prior to contacting Ross-Tech. We played around a little with bleeding / charging the suspension and there was no improvement with the right rear.

With some air ride level control systems, there can be a valve at the strut, a small brass part. I think it is a safety check valve, if the air line gets damaged the strut won't deflate. Sometimes this valve can be purchased as a separate part. In the case, PL24 showed such an item on page 511-007, a "pressure valve", part number 7L0 616 814 B for this Q7 (VIN).

The tech contacted me back, it was in fact a bad pressure valve and how he was able to confirm it, the airline threads into the valve, the valve threads into the strut. Removed the valve and was just able to thread the airline directly into the strut for testing and then bleeding / charging the suspension has control of the right rear, lowering it on request as expected.

The valve was $200 some odd bucks from the Audi dealer... so a lot cheaper than a new strut and the Q7 level control system is currently working to factory design.
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