2013 - 2015 Audi 4.0TFSI AVS actuator locations



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Jan 29, 2014
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TSB 01-18-57
TPI 2042071/2
March 2, 2018

This TSB/TPI clearly identifies the different actuators for the AVS on the 4.0TFSI Audi engines. Just posting this so hopefully it will pull up easy on searches for future me/you.

F452 = P11A6 P12A9 P11A7 P11A8
F453 = P11A8 P12B1 P11A5 P11A6
F454 = P11D5 P12B9 P11C1 P11C2 P11D6
F455 = P11D6 P12C1 P11D5
F456 = P11AA P12AA P11AB P11AC
F457 = P11AC P12B2 P11A9 P11AA
F458 = P11D7 P12BA P11C4 P11D8
F459 = P11D8 P12C2 P11C3 P11D7
F464 = P11B4 P12B4 P11B3
F465 = P11B2 P12AC P11B1
F466 = P11DC P12C4 P11C8
F467 = P11DB P12BC P11BD P11C7
F476 = P11D2 P12B7 P11BE
F477 = P11D1 P12AF P11D1
F478 = P11E2 P12C7 P11CE
F479 = P11E1 P12BF P11CD

Word of caution: You will notices some of the P codes are listed more than once for different components. Along with the information in the TSB/TPI, I'm also pulling information from a factory repair manual and that is where these... "conflicts" are coming from.

If you are dealing with location confusion on this, then one way you can identify something is to unplug it and see what fault code you get. Also cross reference the wire colors in the wiring diagrams.
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