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Jan 29, 2014
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TT 26-11-03
2009 - 2010 Touareg

Key on, engine off.
[Basic Settings - 04]

IDE04567 Resetting of SCR tank level detection
Should get message of "Finished Correctly"
IDE04730 Reset SCR lock
Should get message of "Finished Correctly"
[Done, Go Back]

Forum post by Peter:
2012-2014 NAR Passat(A32) TDI/CKRA – AdBlue Level Reset Procedure


- Engine fully warmed up (above 80’C) and idling
- Transmission in Park/Neutral
- Emergency brake = On
- Doors and hood are closed
- Do not depress any pedals during this procedure, until instructed to do so.

To Reset the AdBlue Level:
- Clear all fault codes(yes, even if there are none present)
- Select [01-Engine]
- Select [Basic Settings-04]
- From the pull down menu choose:
- - - [Resetting of learned values of average quantity adaptation], press [Go!]
- - - - After completion, Press [Stop]
- - - Then [Reset learned values quant. meter. unit and press. contr. Valve], press [Go!]
- - - - After completion, Press [Stop]
- Select [Check of SCR efficiency], press [Go!]
- Depress Brake pedal, then depress accelerator pedal, the ECM should take control of the Engine speed.
- This test may take up to 30+ minutes to complete!
- Upon completion, you should see ‘System Okay’, the AdBlue light and the warning message about ‘miles to no start’ will be reset. Verify there are no fault codes.

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