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Aug 7, 2019
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I've owned a 2019 RS3 for just over a year. I recently drove an A6 and noticed that the high beams assist were on by default (not so on the RS3) and also engaged at a lower speed. Through testing, I can confirm that the auto high beams only works 35+ MPH and are not on by default in the RS3.

I found this doc for the 8V S3, which I thought would help with the RS3 since I'd guess the S3 and A3 use the same driver assist modules?

I did a dump of module A5 and I didn't see a match. I also dumped the adaptions for all the modules and looked for various things like high beam assist, assist and Fernlichtassistent. None of the matches seemed relevant for what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions on next steps, if any?

Here's my dump of adaptaions for the A5 module.
;SW:3Q0-980-654-L   HW:3Q0-980-654-A ---  Frt Sens. Drv. Assist
;Component:MQB_B_MFK     H12 0610, Coding:040307010000020101222346814E490080000E20012000
;VCDS Version: Release 20.12.0 (x64)  Data version: 20201125 DS322.1
;VCID: C0CCD4E85B5E6884C2-8094

IDE00001-Production mode,Deactivating ,3
IDE00820-ENG130919-Activating and deactivating all development messages-Activation_of_development_messages_EHR,not activated ,1
IDE00820-ENG130920-Activating and deactivating all development messages-Activation_of_development_messages_HCA_lane,not activated ,1
IDE00820-ENG130921-Activating and deactivating all development messages-Activation_of_development_messages_HCA_state,not activated ,1
IDE00820-ENG130922-Activating and deactivating all development messages-Activation_of_development_messages_internal,not activated ,1
IDE00820-ENG130916-Activating and deactivating all development messages-Activation_of_development_messages_lane,not activated ,1
IDE00820-ENG130915-Activating and deactivating all development messages-Activation_of_development_messages_reserved,not activated ,1
IDE00820-ENG130918-Activating and deactivating all development messages-Activation_of_development_messages_VZF/TSR,not activated ,1
IDE00820-ENG130917-Activating and deactivating all development messages-Activation_of_development_messages_WLA,not activated ,1
IDE02332-Deactivate production mode,0 ,3
IDE04160-Direct. stab. assist speed threshold during towing mode,300 km/h,2
IDE04733-Road sign detection fusion mode,Road sign fusion ,1
IDE06425-Dynamometer mode: functional,not activated ,1
IDE07358-Distance to calibration field,1500 mm,2
IDE09375-IDE05717-Axle offset-Front axle transverse position,0.700006 mm,4
IDE09375-IDE05718-Axle offset-Rear axle transverse position,1.20001 mm,4
IDE09376-IDE02001-Body height wheel house edge-Body height left front wheel house edge,673.5 mm,8
IDE09376-IDE02002-Body height wheel house edge-Body height right front wheel house edge,676 mm,8
IDE09376-IDE02003-Body height wheel house edge-Body height left rear wheel house edge,675 mm,8
IDE09376-IDE02004-Body height wheel house edge-Body height right rear wheel house edge,676.75 mm,8
IDE09391-MAS08824-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 1: x-coordinate,2400 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08825-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 1: y-coordinate,825 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08826-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 1: z-coordinate,1530 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08827-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 2: x-coordinate,2400 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08828-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 2: y-coordinate,-825 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08829-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 2: z-coordinate,1530 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08830-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 3: x-coordinate,2400 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08831-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 3: y-coordinate,825 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08832-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 3: z-coordinate,870 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08833-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 4: x-coordinate,2400 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08834-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 4: y-coordinate,-825 mm,24
IDE09391-MAS08835-Calibration target position-Target 1: calibration mark 4: z-coordinate,870 mm,24
IDE10407-Personalization of intervention moment at T. 15 on,Last setting ,1
IDE10870-Switch-on condition: lane depart. warn.,off (setting via menu) ,1
IDE10872-Warning intensity: lane depart. warning,Medium ,1
IDE10873-BAP personalization,activated ,1
IDE10924-MAS02479-Initial calibration: result-Yaw angle,0.049 °,8
IDE10924-MAS05286-Initial calibration: result-Roll angle,0.096 °,8
IDE10924-MAS05287-Initial calibration: result-Pitch angle,-0.807 °,8
IDE10924-MAS10678-Initial calibration: result-Camera height,1280 mm,8
ENG130776-ENG130840-Adaptation_tsr-Par_country_code_RSR,0 ,3
ENG130776-ENG130841-Adaptation_tsr-Par_country_code_VZF,0 ,3
ENG130776-ENG130838-Adaptation_tsr-Par_country_mode,automatic ,3
ENG130776-ENG130839-Adaptation_tsr-Par_relevance_mode,Enabled ,3
ENG120319-Mask_error_reactions_for_development,not activated ,1
ENG107577-Masked_fault_classes-,255 ,4
ENG107577-Masked_fault_classes-,255 ,4
ENG107577-Masked_fault_classes-,255 ,4
ENG107577-Masked_fault_classes-,255 ,4
ENG130777-standstill_mode,not activated ,1
ENG130781-ENG130836-WLA_adjustment-BrightnessThreshold_active,1 ,5
ENG130781-ENG130837-WLA_adjustment-BrightnessThreshold_passive,20 ,5
ENG130779-Xcp_interface,not activated ,1

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Dec 3, 2016
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Unfortunately the MFK2.0 (part number starts with 3Q0) and MFK3.0 (part number starts with 2Q0) do not offer this type of adaption. Only the classic MQB_MFK (part number 5Q0) can do this.

I suspect the setting still resides in the the front camera but moved to parameters. I have not heard from anyone that they had those modified to allow lower speeds.
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