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Jan 13, 2021
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Devon, UK
I have VCDS lite currently and its been a great help in diagnosing issues I have with my car (Audi A2) and a friends car (Audl A8)

before I pull the trigger and buy I have a couple of questions....

* VCDS Lite doesn't seem to run auto scan, will the full version do it?

*I have my car, a friends car and maybe a few others that I may use VCDS on, am I tied to a certain number of cars or is it unlimited?

* I have an old VAG-KKL lead that I use however im getting quite a lot of latency in the connection, is there a recommended usb lead that I can buy? Ebay/amazon is littered with many of them, I wondered if there were some that are better than others

Thanks for your help


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Jan 30, 2014
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Near Philadelphia, PA, USA
VCDS Serial number
Thanks for your post. VCDS is the full system and requires a Ross-Tech dongle interface to operate. VCDS will not run on your KKL wire.

Suggestion: We have several UK distribs. Contact one.

VCDS will run a full autoscan.

All of our dongle interfaces are VIN Limited except those that are not - talk with the distrib about it. The Pro versions of our interfaces are unlimited. The Enthusiast versions are limited. Doing fault scans and looking at live data does not require a VIN to be registered. A VIN is registered whenever one is making a change to the car. See the managed by VINs thread for more information.

I think I have answered all the questions... If not, let us know.