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Sep 11, 2019
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I just ordered a HEX-NET which I am looking forward to receiving today, and in preparation I've been reading over the various informational pages on the site. I've had a few occasions where after reading a page, I had trouble finding it again, and I've now figured out why. The hierarchical navigation interface shown on the tops of various pages suggests they can be accessed by drilling down through that path, but that isn't always the case, and some pages don't seem to be linked at all. I'm well aware of Google, but that only helps if you sort of know what you're looking for. But if you aren't even aware that resources such as an FAQ page exist in the first place, you're less likely to find them by Googling -- but solid site navigation can make such resources much easier to find. Here are a few examples:

This Hex-NET FAQ page and this HEX-NET Downloads page both show a navigation path at the top of the page of "Home/Products/HEX-NET Interface". But if you click the Products link, there's no "HEX-NET Interface" page to click into. Instead, you have to drill down from there to "VCDS/Product Information/Interfaces" to see a link for the HEX-NET page.

This VCDS-Mobile FAQ page shows a navigation path at the top of the page of "Home/Products/VCDS-Mobile". But when going to the VCDS-Mobile page here, there is no link to that FAQ page at all. And there's also no indication of the VCDS-Mobile FAQ page's existence on the FAQ Index page either. Also, the HTML page title of the VCDS-Mobile FAQ is "Page 6" when it should say "Page 7".

The navigation path at the top of the VCDS-Mobile page SHOULD show "Home/Products" with "VCDS-Mobile" underneath, indented, and in red to indicate the location of that page in the hierarchy and the user's current position, as is the case when viewing the VCDS page and the VCDS-Lite page. But instead, the navigation at the top of the VCDS-Mobile page shows no "hierarchical position" for the page at all.

And lastly, when on the VCDS-Mobile FAQ page, the "VCDS-Mobile" text in the hierarchy is the part shown in red, when it SHOULD be the "FAQ" text underneath it that's shown in red, since that's the page being viewed. Under the current design, it's possible to keep clicking the FAQ link to essentailly refresh the current page, but NOT possible to navigate up to the parent VCDS-Mobile page from the FAQ page.
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