Jetta 2.0 tsi 2010 problem Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected



Dec 22, 2020
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Dear good day!

I have a jetta 2.0 tsi 2010 with different error codes. Misfire detected, camshaft position sensor and fuel presure sensor.

The car went to the mechanic for maintenance change distribution chain (kit) and change lifters (i dont know if the corret word im from argentina ) because the engine made sound to lifters and have problems to start

Then the problems starts when start the motor for first time camshaft variator broke (we think it was broken from before and for that's why the engine had starting problems in hot not cold. Cold started ok )

We buy new camshaft because the variator is integrated so we arm again the motor and the motor starts ok hot and cold. (now the engine is silent in idle)

if we accelerate in idle the engine accelerates without problems. But when using it on the street and I step on the accelerator the car shakes and turns on the check engine lights (2200 to 3000rpm). Accelerating it in high gear not so hard also shakes the car and does not accelerate on the highway.

Error codes:

Removed.   Data from a clone/pirate copy of VCDS is not acceptable here.

*Yesterday I saw that the engine is leaking oil from the gearbox side

Thank you very much to all, and I hope you understand me, sorry for my English, I am from Argentina. This problem is driving me crazy!

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