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Nov 19, 2020
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Providing all of the modifications were made with VCDS I'd say the current condition coding is OK. Leaving Byte 4, Bit 2 Remote Control with "Terminal 15 ON" inactive enabled will not cause communication issues.

Moving forward, I believe Dave is correct and something on the Powertrain bus is taking down communication. You also have a Comfort Bus problem but I doubt they are related and that bus isn't nearly as important.

I rarely ever suggest starting at the Airbag controller but since the Fault Frequency is 254

01321 - Control Module for Airbags (J234)
            008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00101000
                    Fault Priority: 4
                    Fault Frequency: 254

.. you may want to inspect that module first. I would look for signs of tampering and water ingress/flood damage. If obvious problems are not found at the Airbag module I would unplug it BUT only if you are the one driving it to see if things improve with all of the Status: Sporadic communication error issues. I would not give the car to a family member to drive with disabled Airbags.

If you are aware of any repair or damage history that may be causing all of the communication problems please let us know before you unplug or inspect modules! Also, make sure you clearing ALL DTCs in the car with VCDS in-between the Auto-Scans and test drives otherwise we will be looking at old issues that are not reoccurring.
What about hex08 being 5 bytes instead of originally 4 bytes? Can this addition affect other modules?
Perhaps your suggestion is correct because Passenger Airbag light flickers sometime. I will try to solve it and then look into the issue of not automatically pairing my Android phone via Bluetooth.


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Jan 29, 2014
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Address 08 appears to be fine. Although the coding log shows: 10019002 to 001001C002

.. it dropped the preceding 00's in my opinion. I believe the actual change was from/to: 0010019002 to 001001C002

I located 146 search results in our scan collection containing 0010019002 and zero results for 10019002 so I'd leave that controller as-is for now. You can always check the oldest (pre-tweak) saved Auto-Scan on that PC to be sure though. The one in post #4 (Thursday,26,November,2020,20:05:31:01997) contains 0010019002.

In regards to the backup plan question early in this thread, after the communication problems are diagnosed and resolved you can run another good/baseline scan and create whole vehicle control module maps prior to additional tweaks. Whole Vehicle maps are explained here:

.. and it will result in a pile of maps that you can keep and/or post in our forum similar to:

I find having the factory values in our forum helpful because I can pop open the thread from the car I'm sitting in while running VCDS when I want to evaluate changes when I'm not using the PC that I originally created them on. That web-view is far easier to use compared to rummaging through Google Drive backups of the extended family vehicles while on a laptop in the driver's seat.
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